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Deflection calculation for reinforced concrete T-beam

Assumptions and requirements

Calculated in accordance with Eurocode2 (EN1992-1-1:2004).
Section: T-shape.
Load: permanent only.
Target setting: Daniil Timin. Implementation: webcad.pro.

Loads and limits

Bending moment, total: МQP kgf·cm (1 tf·м = 105 kgf·cm)
Ultimate deflection: δu cm
- Scheme 1 - Scheme 2 - Scheme 3 - Scheme 4

Cross-sectional element geometry properties

Effective beam span: L cm
Section width: bw cm
Flange width: bf cm
Section height: h cm
Flange height: hf cm
Concrete cover depth to tension reinforcement:a cm
Area of tension reinforcement: As cm²
Concrete cover depth to compression reinforcement:a' cm
Area of compression reinforcement: A's cm²

Initial data for creeping coefficient calculation

Relative humidity of the ambient environment: RH %
The age of concrete in days at the time of loading: t0 days
The age of concrete in days at the moment considered: t days
Perimeter of concrete cross section in contact with atmosphere:u cm

Reinforcement and concrete properties

Reinforcement class:
Concrete compressive strength class: